The Importance of Skin Serum in Your Skin Care Routine

The Importance of Skin Serum in Your Skin Care Routine

The Importance of Skin Serum in Your Skin Care Routine


As we continue to grow, many things improve our lives but having improved skin is only a dream. The more we grow, the more our skin gets wrinkles, and it starts to get dull. Fortunately, we can slow this down by following certain skin routines to help maintain good skin. When you have a good skincare routine allows you to keep excellent glowing skin that can last for years as long as you are consistent with it. Today, serums have become an essential part of our skincare routine. We will discuss the importance of skin serum in your skincare routine. 


What is a Serum?

A serum is a light, water-based, or oil-based liquid or treatment that is spread on the skin. They contain a high concentration of ingredients and nutrients. Some of the nutrients found in serums include Vitamin C, E, and K, usually in small bottles. Because of the high concentration, only a few drops of the liquid can treat your whole face. 


There are various types of serums available on the market. They each work effectively depending on the type of skin you have. The molecule in the serums is small, making it easier for them to penetrate the pores beneath the skin. The serums provide the skin with good ingredients and nutrients that allows the skin to maintain the skin. 


Ingredients used in skin serums

For serums to be effective on the skin, the ingredients used also counts. The following are some of the popular ingredients you will see in skin serums. 



Vitamins are nutrients that are needed by the body to function correctly. The skin needs different kinds of vitamins to stay fresh and wrinkle-free. Some of the popular vitamins used in skin serums include vitamins c, vitamin e, and vitamin k. They are primarily used as an ingredient for anti-aging serums to prevent your skin from developing wrinkles.



They are ingredients used to protect the skin from stress and environmental damage. The skin attracts many free radicals from the environment when we are busy during our daily activities. The antioxidants penetrate deep into the skin to fight the free radicals that find themselves in the skin. 



They are mainly used for acne serums to protect skins that are prone to acne. It also takes care of fine lines and wrinkles. 


Types of Serum


Anti-aging serums

These types of serum are popular because of their anti-aging benefits. They contain ingredients that help you to fight fine lines and wrinkles that may appear on your skin when you are growing. They are beneficial for every type of skin because every skin goes through the aging process. Some of the ingredients included in anti-aging serums include caffeine, retinol, hyaluronic acid, and other fruit extracts like grape seed extracts and fruit stem cells. 


Acne fighting serums

As the name suggests, acne-fighting serums help you to combat acne. Most times, we wait until the acne breaks out on our skin before treating it, but that should not be the case. The main aim is to do everything humanly possible to prevent acne. Acne-fighting serums penetrate the skin providing active ingredients that fight acne. This helps to prevent acne before they start. It does this by tightening the skin, minimizing pores, absorbing excess oil, and minimizing any form of irritation. 


Antioxidant serums

They protect the skin from antioxidant or free radicals encountered daily. Suppose you don’t know what free radicals are. In that case, they are unstable molecules that damage living cells which in turn causes premature aging. Using antioxidant serums prevents this from happening. Some of the ingredients included in antioxidant serums include niacinamide, melatonin, and Vitamins A, C, and E. You can also use Vitamin C serums to protect your skin against UV light. 


Hydrating serums

Suppose you are someone whose skin gets dehydrated quickly. In that case, you will realize that using moisturizers alone isn’t the best option for you. This doesn’t mean that you can solve this problem by solely relying on hydrating serums. You have to use both to prevent this from happening. 

These types of serums are used to provide an extra layer of hydration into your skin. You have to apply the moisturizer after the serum is applied for this to be effective. This type of serum is meant for people with dry skin. Some of the ingredients to look out for when searching for hydrating serums include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, argan oil, and ceramide. 


Skin brightening serums

This is a type of serum that can brighten dull skin. It does this by targeting skin issues like hyperpigmentation. It also smoothens your complexion or any fading sunspots. By doing this, it leaves you to glow. Some of the ingredients in this type of serum include vitamin C, azelaic acid, phytic acid, and glycolic acid. 


Benefits of Using Skin Serums

The following are the benefits of using skin serums to protect your skin;


Serums help you to save money

Even though serums are more expensive than other skincare products, you save money in the long run. When you invest your money in buying a quality serum, there will be no need to invest in other skincare products. Meaning you save the money you will use to buy multiple products, and you can focus on using what works. Find the perfect skin serum that works for you, and then continue to use it, avoiding other skincare products that are not good for you. 


They absorb quickly into your skin

Suppose you have been using other skincare products for a while. In that case, you probably know by now you don’t see the results instantaneously. It even makes it easier for you to give up before you start seeing the results. With serums, you see the results faster because they are absorbed easily into the skin, which provides instantaneous smoothness. Serums are the best option for you if you want to quickly see the results of your skincare product.  


It protects the skin

Face serums help to protect the skin from the harmful effects of our daily lifestyle. Because they are water or oil-based and easily absorbed, they easily protect the skin from beneath. They are rich in nutrients like vitamins C and E, making it easier to avoid free radicals that can destroy the skin. You can simply protect your skin from premature aging by using serums.


They are soothing, especially for people with sensitive skin

If you are someone having sensitive skin, you need a serum in your skincare routine. Serums soothe and nourish the skin immediately you apply them. If your skin is prone to oiliness, using a serum soothes the skin. Applying a serum will make it easier for you to appreciate your skin regardless of its sensitivity. 



What do we do at Chemifree?

Chemifree is a company that was started in 2012 that focuses on selling to pharmacy outlets. We sell skincare products, with our major area being serums. Our best-selling serums are the Advance Spot Serum, Acne Serum, and Natural Vitamin E serum. Our products are purely made from natural ingredients, and they are very effective. 


Advanced Spot Serum

The Chemifree Advance Spot Serum is a liquid concentrated with plant extracts made from Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Rosehip Seed Oil, and lemon. This makes it a highly effective serum that penetrates the skin to protect and promote skin regeneration, removes dark spots, provides brighter skin, smoothens wrinkles, and reduces any symptoms of aging skin. Using the serum regularly tightens your skin, and it makes it more colorful with lesser wrinkles. 


Natural Vitamin E Serum

Vitamin E is one of the popular ingredients used in many skincare products. It is known that vitamin e helps treat skin and hair issues by boosting skin and hair health. Vitamin E Serum is popularly used to treat scars on the skin. You can also use the serum on your face to protect it from damage. When you use the Natural Vitamin E serum, expect to protect your skin from scars, sunburn, dry skin, and cracked heels. 


Acne Serum

Chemifree Intensive Acne Treatment Serum is a combination of 100% natural ingredients to help acne skin. The ingredient in the acne serum includes natural tea tree oil, a natural anti-bacterial that clears acne bacteria. Together with the natural concentrated plant extracts, it absorbs deep into the skin to remove underlying bacteria and at the same time promotes regeneration of skin and provides nutrition in order to strengthen the natural barrier of the skin. This serum effectively controls oily skin, clear pimples, fade pimples scar, clear blackhead, and whitehead. Skin resumes a youthfully smooth look and feel.


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