Unauthorized Seller

Thank you for visiting the official Chemifree Malaysia website. All of us in the Chemifree Tribe work hard to support each other and the Chemifree Brand image and position, keeping as our focus the success of the Chemifree professional skin therapist. Here at Chemifree, we strive to uphold the Chemifree prestige by combating diversion by distinguishing and identifying the authenticity of resellers. Chemifree says diversion occurs when products are sold in unauthorized institutions in the gray market.


Chemifree products are guaranteed fresh and authentic when recommended by a professional skin therapist. It is highly recommended that you only purchase directly through one of the following:



As a reminder, Chemifree products are only offered and presented in the finest business establishments including exclusively pharmacy, beauty shops, and particular partnership. You can also be assured that the below resellers will have a good reputation and have fair and ethical business practices in place to ensure you have a wonderful shopping experience.


Authorized Skin Care Centre

To find an authorized skin care professional near you, please email us weijing.chemifree@gmail.com


Unauthorized Online Retailers

Chemifree has been very much aware and have recognized the unauthorized sale of Chemifree products on unapproved outlets on and off the web. Chemifree products found outside of the above institutions are considered to be diverted. These organizations have no relationship with Chemifree and are not authorized resellers. These unapproved resellers have the potential to deliver outdated, diluted, counterfeit, and unsafe products to consumers seeking the Chemifree Brand, not to mention the absence of a professional consultation and recommendation. In fact, Chemifree can’t even vouch for these products, and they may not even be genuine. Beyond that, because these retailers do not have access to our educational resources, these retailers cannot provide the professional consultation and recommendation that is so important to the proper use and ultimate effectiveness of Chemifree products.


As a reminder, products purchased through any seller via Shopee, Lazada, and similar online selling platform including these websites below are diverted and not guaranteed to be authentic product. Accordingly, Chemifree cannot vouch for the product and are not responsible for it. Moreover, products purchased from unauthorized resellers may be counterfeit or stolen goods, and if you attempt to resell such products, you may be subject to significant civil liability and/or criminal penalties.

  • lazada.com.my
  • shopee.com.my


If you see a reseller who is not listed here selling Chemifree product(s), we would like to know, so please contact us at weijing.chemifree@gmail.com with that information! Chemifree products should not and will never be directly offered for sale on Shopee, Lazada, or other similar sites and you should avoid purchasing any products offered by that vendor. Chemifree's Anti-Diversion efforts are coordinated through our General Counsel. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us directly at weijing.chemifree@gmail.com.