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Advance Spot Serum

Advance Spot Serum

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Chemifree Advance Spot Treatment Serum formulated with concerntrated plant extracts from Rosehip Seed Oil (Essential Fatty Acid), Grape Seed Oil (high Antioxidant), Vitamin E (High Antioxidant), Lemon and Vitamin C (Natural Whitening effect), makes this a high performance serum that works intensively to protect and promote skin regeneration, reduce symptom of skin aging, remove dark spots, smoothen wrinkles, correct skin tone and restores skin hydration. Provides a brighter, healthier, smoother and translucent complexion. By using it regularly, skin will tremendously look firmer, brighter and younger with fewer fine lines and wrinkles.

✅Dark Spots
✅Uneven Skin Tone
✅Age Defence

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